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    发布日期:2022-05-13 来源:http://www.ichiroumaru.com 发布人:xinhuachang

    Using glucose as feed additive in rabbit production can improve the palatability of feed, improve the resistance of rabbits and newborn females, and prevent pregnancy toxemia of female rabbits. In short, there are many benefits. The following details will be explained one by one.
    Improve feed palatability. Rabbits like sweets. Adding 8% ~ 12% glucose to the feed can cover up the unpleasant taste in the feed, stimulate rabbits' appetite, improve feed varieties, increase rabbits' food intake and reduce rabbits' picky eating.
    Improve the resistance of rabbits. Adding 8% ~ 12% glucose to the feed can enhance the physique of rabbits, supplement nutrition, protect hepatocytes from harmful factors, improve the vitality of reticuloendothelial system cells and hepatocytes, and enhance the resistance of rabbits. Infectious and toxic diseases
    Increase the proportion of females in newborn rabbits. From the first half month of mating, adding 20 ~ 30g glucose powder to the feed every day or dissolving glucose powder in drinking water for feeding, and stopping feeding after mating can increase the female ratio of newborn rabbits by about 12%.
    Rejuvenate the weak rabbit. Adding 15% glucose to the daily feeding of slow-growing rabbits can make them have a strong appetite. On the basis of strengthening feeding management, it can quickly restore vitality.
    Prevent pregnancy toxemia in female rabbits. In the later stage of pregnancy, the female rabbit fetus develops rapidly and is prone to metabolic acidosis due to the disorder of fat metabolism caused by excessive glycogen consumption in the body. Clinically, gestational toxemia is characterized by intractable loss of appetite and digestive dysfunction, or delivery rabbits do not suck, feel cold and soft, and even coma.
    Therefore, 20g glucose powder can be added to the daily feed of female rabbits to supplement energy and nutrition and increase the storage of glycogen in the body.
    Increase the administration effect. Because the taste of many drugs is not very good, long haired rabbits will be very picky and refuse to take them, which is very unfavorable to the physical condition of rabbits, so we need to find a solution. If 15% glucose powder is mixed with the drug at the same time to cover up the taste of the drug, the feed intake of rabbits can be increased, and rabbits can only take enough preventive and therapeutic drugs with meals. Glucose powder can also be added during drinking water administration to stimulate the desire of rabbits to drink water and improve the administration effect.
    The effect of glucose is not only to improve the resistance of rabbits, but also to change the flavor of food to a certain extent, enhance the appetite of rabbits, improve anorexia and other related problems. You can learn more from www.myxiua Com consulting.