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    发布日期:2022-04-27 来源:http://www.ichiroumaru.com 发布人:xinhuachang

      Many farmers in the process of raising rabbits, in order to achieve rapid fattening, quality improvement and increase production of rabbits, rabbit farm insect repellent work must be done. So what are the specific points? Take a look.
      Pruritic mites are highly infectious and mainly infected by contact. Light causes the rabbit emaciation, hair loss, serious cause the death of the sick rabbit, causing great harm to the rabbit industry. For treatment, avermectin 0.2mg/kg body weight, subcutaneous injection in the neck for 2 times, 1 week interval; At the same time, the exudate in the ear canal of the infected rabbit was removed and rubbed with 2% trichlorfon solution, once a day for 3 days.
      Do a good job in health do a good job in rabbit house health, keep rabbit house, rabbit cage and utensils clean, dry, ventilated, the sick rabbit utensils, rabbit cage and rabbit house cleaning, disinfection. Regular observation Observe each rabbit regularly and isolate and treat any symptoms related to parasitic insects. Strengthen the management to strengthen the management of breeding at ordinary times, enhance the rabbit's disease resistance, feeding rabbit full price feed especially can not lack of vitamins.
      At the same time, the feeding density should not be too large, which is one of the effective management measures to prevent parasitic pests. So in the process of raising long hair rabbits, insect repellent is more important, especially in the fertilizer must be carried out before the first insect repellent, otherwise nutrients will be absorbed by parasites. Therefore, if the worm is not driven well, the rabbit is not kept fat, and even dies when it is serious, the benefit of natural breeding will be greatly reduced.
      How does breed long hair rabbit do insect repellent job? Above method can serve as reference content to use, should be specific circumstance specific analysis of course just, such ability prevents effectively. For more information, please visit www.ichiroumaru.com for consultation!