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    发布日期:2022-05-20 来源:http://www.ichiroumaru.com 发布人:xinhuachang

    Winter is very cold all year round, the days are short, the sunshine is insufficient, and the forage required for long haired rabbit breeding is insufficient, which brings great challenges to its reproduction. But in fact, as long as the following six things are done well, rabbit breeding can grow normally in winter.
    Rabbit breeding
    Selection of rabbit species we know that the golden period of human growth is 0 ~ 3 years old, and so is the long haired rabbit. The quality of rabbit breeds has a great influence on the development and growth of their offspring. Cultivate a bodybuilding breeder with big ears. Male rabbits require strong physique and good physical quality, while female rabbits require young female rabbits who have given birth, strong maternal love and strong lactation ability.
    Nutritional supplement
    It is cold in winter. If the nutrition cannot keep up, it will affect the normal mating of male and female rabbits. In order to improve the birth rate of rabbits, on the premise of taking grass as the staple food, supplement some nutrition to rabbits, fill seats for rabbits, and enhance the mating desire of female rabbits. You can add 50 ~ 100g malt to the food every day, or let the male rabbit enter the female rabbit cage to stimulate the female rabbit. In order to increase the reproductive ability of male rabbits, an appropriate amount of soybeans can be added to each meal to strengthen exercise and exercise.
    External stimulation
    Female rabbits have estrus for three to five days. Female rabbits are relatively passive and need external stimulation. So repeat 8 to 10 hours after your first date. Can greatly improve the pregnancy rate.
    Rabbit species selection
    Male and female mating can cut off the excess hair of the female rabbit and put it into the male rabbit cage. If the female rabbit likes it, she will raise her tail and accept it. The male rabbit will make a cooing welcome.
    Environmental Health
    In winter, people are afraid of cold air. Many people close the rabbit's nest tightly, resulting in poor gas that can not be eliminated in time, which is easy to cause respiratory diseases. Therefore, when the temperature is good, windows can be opened to provide high-quality air for newborn rabbits, hay can be replaced in time, and the nursery can be disinfected and inspected regularly.
    Winter heating
    When giant Angora rabbits give birth in winter, although they are hairy, they still need to take heating measures. First of all, the doors and windows should be tight so that the wind can not come in and keep dry. Before giving birth, the rabbit can be disinfected and put into a box covered with clean and soft hay. Postpartum artificial feeding, do a good job of keeping warm.
    The above is the introduction of several methods that rabbit breeding can grow normally in winter. In fact, raising rabbits is a very simple thing. As long as these management are done well, the incidence of rabbit diseases can be reduced and the survival rate of young rabbits can be improved. You can follow our website www.ichiroumaru.com Com to see other aspects of the content.