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    发布日期:2022-05-06 来源:http://www.ichiroumaru.com 发布人:xinhuachang

      In the process of breeding rabbits, sometimes because of such negligence and lead to rabbit injury, so in the process of timely treatment, how to feed rabbits? Here are a couple of ways.
      Oral medicine
      Can be stirred in the palatable feed, so that the sick rabbit to eat; For drugs that are easy to use in water and have no bitter taste, they can be directly put into drinking water. For the sick rabbit, can use syringes or plastic eye medicine bottles to absorb liquid, slowly injected into the mouth, to prevent choking into the respiratory tract, cause foreign body pneumonia; For tablets, grind them finely. Fold it up with thick paper, slowly pour it into the sick rabbit's mouth, and then feed it with water.
      Stomach tube
      The drug can be administered by gastric tube, which is to put the mouth opener into the mouth of the sick rabbit, and turn it inward from the upper collar until the rabbit tongue is pressed between the mouth opener and the lower arm. The catheter can be used as a gastric tube, the front end of which is coated with paraffin lubricating oil, put into the mouth along the central hole of the mouthpiece, and then gently into the esophagus along the back wall of the upper collar about 20 cm to reach the stomach. The other end of the gastric tube is immersed in a water cup for irrigation. If bubbles emerge, it should be immediately pulled out and re-inserted. To avoid drug residue in the gastric tube, inject another 5 ml of normal saline and remove the gastric tube.
      Rectal drug delivery
      For the constipation of the sick rabbit, can use a suitable thickness of the rubber tube coated with vaseline lubrication, slowly inserted into the sick rabbit anal 7-8 cm, and then the suction liquid syringe is connected to the rubber tube, the liquid into the rectum, can soften and eliminate rectal fecal accumulation.
      Outside the body
      External application is required for trauma, parasitosis, dermatitis, and psoriasis. This kind of sick rabbit should be kept in a single cage. In order to prevent other rabbit accidental food drug poisoning.
      Washing for medicine
      Smear method: the drug into ointment or suitable dosage form, besmear on the surface of the skin or private film. Immersion method: make the drug into a solution of appropriate concentration, and soak to remove the affected part of long hair rabbit hair.
      The advantage of this method is that the drug is absorbed quickly and completely, the agent site and effect are true, but to strict disinfection, injection site to be accurate.
      In short, different methods of drug administration directly affect the absorption rate, absorption amount and drug action intensity of rabbit body, so farmers should make a correct choice for the above methods of drug administration. You come to the website for more information.