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    发布日期:2022-04-29 来源:http://www.ichiroumaru.com 发布人:xinhuachang

      Mat grass is in the rabbit yard as the mother rabbit breeding pad with pad material, with heat preservation and insulation, moisture absorption and moisture prevention, cleaning rabbit body and so on, then you know the laying of the rabbit yard pad nest and replace the content of what?
      Laying of rabbit yard mat grass
      Prepare bedding ahead of time and take it as you go. Mat grass may be mixed with hard branches, sharp stalks, etc., will cause harm to rabbits, so before use must be carefully handled, kneading, sun, sieve dust, and requirements of health, no mildew. Straw mat made of wheat straw, rice straw, suitable length of 10 ~ 15 cm. 2 ~ 3 days before the birth, when the female rabbit wishes to make a nest, put the mat grass.
      Out of maternal instinct, the female rabbit will be in the prenatal grass nest, mat straw spread full box, the middle of the box made of low, high around the bowl cushion nest; During the feeding period, due to the mother rabbit in and out of the birth box or peristalsis of the baby rabbit, the pad will be deformed or moved to the side of the birth box, at this time, the staff need to sort out the pad and restore it to the bowl shape.
      Replacement of rabbityard mat grass
      In the mat grass found wet and contaminated in time to replace, specific method: first will long hair rabbit mother rabbit mattress hair out, then take out the mat grass, after the flame disinfection production box, re mat on the new mat grass, and then put in the young rabbit, cover the mother rabbit mattress hair.
      The old mat grass in the wet and polluted do not have to remove, only take out the mattress and rabbit, in the old mat grass and add a new layer of mat grass, until the rabbit out of the box, only a one-time mat grass can be removed.
      Used old mat grass contains a large number of harmful microorganisms, coexisting with rabbit feces and urine and rabbit hair dander, so it is not suitable to be piled up directly in the open air, after harmless treatment as fertilizer.
      In addition, the problems in the use of rabbit yard mat grass should also be more understood, such as wet mat grass, mat grass mildew, mat grass smell, mat grass reduction, according to the situation to do a good job. For more information, visit www.ichiroumaru.com.